Eclipseme frustrations

July 9, 2008

Developping an application for a TC65 I am using Eclipse (3.1.2) with EclipseME 1.2.3.

Some annoying things :

– When calling J2ME -> Create Package, if some dependencies aren’t met, the project is not build (a logic behaviour) but no error messages are provided. Thus, when not correctly waked up, you end up with some changes in the code not replicated in the deployed jad/jar …I guess that updating to the latest EclipseME version would probably improve this.

– Obfuscation crashes whith the following error message : “Cannot run program “env”: CreateProcess error=2″ …

– Debugging from Eclipse does not work on Vista … It seems that the dial-up connection that must be started to discuss with the TC65 does not work on my Vista installation. This works fine on a XP installation. This is not an EclipseME problem but an SMTK one …

AT+CNMA not working with TC65

July 2, 2008

Trying to have the new sms and status reports forwarded to the terminal using a TC65, it seems that AT+CNMA command is processed but not  working.

In my java application, I enable the following parameters.



Then on each +CMT or +CSD, I entered a AT+CNMA=0 (because i’m in PDU mode). Answer is OK but after that, the TC65 keeps sending me the first received SMS on every entering message (status report or sms).

Finally, I had to use the AT+CNMI=2,1,0,2 and parse message from memory in place of forwarding them directly to the tc65

PS: i’m using the latest smtk (revision 3.0)