Reading SRTM hgt files using numpy

Reading some things about the SRTM datasets, I thought at using numpy to open and parse them efficiently.

The hgt data format is well defined here

Files can read directly from numpy like this :

import numpy
# reading an <span style="font-family:Arial;">International 3-arc-second file</span>
srtm_dtype = numpy.dtype([('data', numpy.uint16, 1201)])
image = numpy.fromfile('N00E072.hgt', dtype=srtm_dtype)

If the file were bigger, you could also use memmaps to allow the loading of huge files without sufficient memory :

image = numpy.memmap('N00E072.hgt', dtype=numpy.uint16, mode="r+", shape=(1201,1201))

And here it is … you can easily adapt that to United States 1-arc-second files by updating the shape of the dtype.


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