Converting MrSid files

Using the sidgeodecode tool provided freely by Lizardtech, I was able to convert .sid files to .tiff or .jpeg file.

The -wf option did not work as expected. It created a .tfw file without keeping the original georeference from the .sid file.

The easy workaround was to simply rename/copy the .sdw file to a .tfw or .jgw file to keep the georerences !


4 Responses to Converting MrSid files

  1. mpg says:

    In what way did the -wf switch not work as expected? It should create a .tfw (if you are decoding to TIFF) which corresponds to the geoextents of the input image (or subset thereof) being decoded.


  2. Did says:

    Hi mpg,

    the .tfw file was created but the origin of the coordinates where always 0,0 despite the fact that the .sdw file gives a specific origin

  3. mpg says:

    Well, it’s not supposed to do that… If you’d like to pursue this, please send the details (full cmdline being used, copies of files, version numbers, OS, etc) to and mention my name and I’d be happy to take a look for you.


  4. Did says:

    mpg, I’ve reported the bug today.



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