hr_timesheet : impossible to edit a new entry

September 22, 2008

Currently implementing an OpenERP system for my company, I have the following problem using the timesheet module. I can add new entries to my timesheet but I cannot edit them. All the fields of the new entry are greyed and I cannot edit them. It seems to be a problem of acces rights. Looking at the “Access controls” tab, I tried to find out wich models I had to enable … there is the problem and no information on what model should be added with “write” permission.

If someone has an idea on the configuration that must be set, I would be very interested 😉

I’ve posted on the OpenERP forum :

Update : runninng a dev version was the origin of the problem. The bug was corrected in the trunk. Thank for the quick support of the TinyERP team.

mdb-export and decimal values

September 19, 2008

mdb-export is a very nice tool to manage MsAccess database under Linux. For one of my project, I have to automate the import of a mdb file into a mysql database.

You need to pay attention to the data type of the original Access file, especially to decimal values

In our case, the decimal values were truncated just as integer values. They were defined a “réel simple” in french, thus probably “simple real” in english. Changing the type as “réel double” (“real double” ) solved the problem !

Extract documents from Maildir files – munpack

September 8, 2008

Just to mention a very nice tool. munpack unpack messages in MIME or split-uuencode format (from the munpack man page).

For example, it allowed me to extract files from a mail that could not be read by an egroupware instance.

sql join on null value …

September 2, 2008

I had to join tables x and y based on three attributes a, b and c. The table y was made to link a specific id with each triplet (a,b,c). Some of the definition of the id’s had a c parameter that was NULL… Thus, the join did not work.

The dirty workaround was the following : a,b and c where only positive integer (except the NULL values). We updated the y table setting NULL to -1. Then in the join query we used the ifnull() mysql function :

SELECT,, x.a, x.b, x.c FROM x
AND x.b = y.b
AND ifnull(x.c, -1) = y.c

Converting MrSid files

September 1, 2008

Using the sidgeodecode tool provided freely by Lizardtech, I was able to convert .sid files to .tiff or .jpeg file.

The -wf option did not work as expected. It created a .tfw file without keeping the original georeference from the .sid file.

The easy workaround was to simply rename/copy the .sdw file to a .tfw or .jgw file to keep the georerences !