Back to latex

Having to write two papers to finish my master, I went back to latex this morning. Vim is still my friend 😉

Installing vim-latexsuite, makes me discover the vim-addons command used to enable/disable/… addons for vim :
ddp:/home/did$ vim-addons
# Name                     User Status  System Status
editexisting                removed       removed
justify                     removed       removed
latex-suite                 removed       removed
matchit                     removed       removed
ddp:/home/did$ vim-addons install latex-suite
Info: installing removed addon 'latex-suite'
Info: Rebuilding tags since documentation has been modified ...
Processing /home/did/.vim/doc/
Info: done.

vim-latexsuite is really nice. See for more information. The problems with accentuated characters can be solved easily (vim-latex FAQ)

I manage my bibliography entries using JabRef.


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